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DiY Frozen Yogurt uses fine Frozen Yogurts and Sorbet for health-conscious consumers across America! DiY Frozen Yogurt is carefully crafted to contain high levels of beneficial live and active yogurt cultures. These cultures are probiotic and are considered beneficial to be present in the intestinal tract of the human body to insure proper balance needed for digestion and good health. DiY Frozen Yogurt cultures include: S. thermophilus, L. bulgaricus, L. lactis, L. acidophilus, and Bifidobaterium. DiY Frozen Yogurt is never heat treated after culturing. All this attention to quality ensures that you receive the healthy benefits of the living yogurt cultures in a creamy delicious frozen dessert.

DiY’s Frozen Yogurt assortment consists of flavors that are Low Fat, Low Cholesterol, Low in Sodium, No Sugar Added, All Natural Flavors with No Artificial Colors and are OU-D Kosher Certified! Our Sorbet’s are Non Dairy!

DiY Frozen Yogurt is great for Weight Management, Diabetes Management and most are Gluten Free!



Healthy, Fresh, High Quality

Fourteen Flavors


Protein Shakes, Coffee & Drinks


Fruit, Candy, Nut and Cereal

Come visit us today! Something for the whole family and for all ages! Delicious and Healthy snack or Dessert. Fourteen flavors to choose from with the center handle on each machine combining the two flavors for a different taste! Visit our Contact Us page or Our Location page for directions and our contact information.